Sunday, December 6, 2015

Meet Your Meat

Do you know where and how your meat is produced?

How It Works
A great population of livestock is raised in cramped cells at farming factories and petrifying conditions. They are fed antibiotics just so they fatten up faster to be slaughtered alive, without pain medication. This process creates antibiotic immune bacteria which can find its way onto your kitchen table and make you very sick. The use of antibiotics in the meat industry is harmful to human health and the mal treatment of livestock is an animal rights violation.

Consumer's Thoughts
Consumer’s today want to know about the treatment of the animals that their meat comes from. In May 2015, U.S. House of Representatives representative Louise M. Slaughter released a poll which was conducted by Consumer Reports National Research Center that shows “almost six out of every ten Americans would be willing to pay at least fifty cents more per pound of meat raised without antibiotics. 


Antibiotics and the Spread of Disease
Although it is a proven fact that the use of antibiotics can prevent the widespread outbreaks of salmonella or e-coli, what parent wants to risk the chance of bringing home infected meat and endanger their family? Representative Slaughter even states that, "It's not surprising that most Americans would rather pay a few extra cents at the supermarket than bring home food that could make their families sick. 

Furthermore, as antibiotics are fed to animals on factory farms to compensate for unsanitary and overcrowded conditions and to make the animals grow faster, the bacteria mutate to become resistant to antibiotic treatment. Antibiotics are often powerless to fight off these bacteria when consumed by humans. In fact, antibiotic-resistant bacteria kill at least 23,000 Americas every year -more than HIV/AIDS. That is a very large death toll caused by food Americans consume without a second thought.

According to this piece from the National Provisioner, “Since today's consumers say they want information about the animal’s welfare as it travels through the plant's value chain, passing an audit conducted by a qualified third-party makes a meat plant stand out from the competition in the eyes of its direct customers as well as the meat buying public at large.

Do these chickens look medicated?

It would be extremely beneficial to meat buyers if the meat industry were to be redesigned so that proper methods and authorizations by non-affiliated organizations were followed. This would keep Americans from becoming fatally ill and this would also prevent the abuse of animals.Other faster options include practicing vegetarianism or pescetarianism. 


It is true that the current way of raising livestock on factory farms produces more food overall and that is beneficial to the United States’ growing population. But the extremely brutal treatment of livestock presents a major animal rights violation. The development of antibiotic immune bacteria has progressed through the overuse of these antibiotics while innocent animals are maimed and handicapped through vicious measures of cruelty. Such a meat packing industry should not be supported. It is every individual’s responsibility to take care of themselves, their families, and the environment.

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